Foot Techno Inc. (hereinafter referred to FT) will establish following stipulation to comply with “Protection of Personal Information Low” and other regulations.

Personal information collection

FT collects personal information to provide our service.
The purpose will be noticed in advance and follow concerned person will.

For the use of personal information and Provide

FT will use personal information to extent necessary, however except following case. 
 i.If you receive the application of law.
 ii.When we have a prior consent of you.
 iii.FT may engage in outsourcing and give personal information to accomplish FT business.(e.g. notice personal information to delivery company)

Personal Information Protection

FT will make best effort to prevent leaking personal data, loss, and destruction. However, except the data which you disclose by yourself.

Disclosure of personal information, correction, etc..

When FT receives a request for disclosure, correction, delete, of personal information by himself / herself, FT will take necessary action without any delay.

Website information safety policy

We pay attention to website security, but we it is a quite difficult giving guaranty 100 % safety. Therefore please note FT doesn’t take any responsibility by browsing this site. Furthermore although FT website may include links to website of third parties, which we include for providing useful information to customer, we can’t take any responsibility if you caused any damage by viewing the third party links.Please use FT website by your responsibility.

Changing Privacy Policy

FT change the Privacy Policy to comply with law or other necessary seteps.

President and Representative Director
Nobuaki Kambara